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The world we live and work in is busy, digital, mobile, social, public, noisy, data driven, overhyped, authentic, young, conservative, the same but different.

Great Digital Design, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Presentation Design and Account Management Jobs in Sydney

Is your passion to work as a digital, mobile, social, print, presentation, motion or event designer—or perhaps a visual strategist or copywriter? Do you want to create impactful visual communications for leading business brands? Contact us and Designlogic could be your new home.

Calling on people who love being humble experts and innovators, I-can’t-explain-it-just-doiters and need-it-tomorrowers. If you are interested in becoming a part of a vibrant agency with a different perspective, we’d love to hear from you.

We know you’ll enjoy working with us. We are a workplace that champions:


We are open and actively focus on diversity and inclusion. You get to come to work as yourself—no masks needed.


We aim to retain our best talent by being flexible. We offer opportunities for you to extend and explore different job roles across the business.


We nurture our people through in-house creative and leadership training.


We regularly communicate and celebrate your achievements.

We are always interested in hearing from talented and passionate people with skills in:

  • Account management, marketing and client service
  • Web, mobile and social design and production
  • Digital content creation
  • Presentation design
  • Graphic and event design
  • Motion design and production

Interested in a career with us?

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Open Roles

To find out about open roles we are currently actively hiring for, please visit our LinkedIn page.