Visual content marketing and storytelling—with your audience in mind.

All communications should delight, connect, educate and engage. We want to create great content marketing and communications design that connects your message with your audience based on an understanding of content in each channel, medium, and situation. That is what we call content experience.

Your marketing, communications and sales teams are trying to win the attention of busy audiences in a noisy environment. Creating impactful content marketing and communications campaigns requires careful planning and creative design.

Our benchmark is to help ensure your audiences engage with your messages and content across your channels in a measurable way and that you achieve the business outcomes you are targeting.

As we work with your team to plan and create your multi-channel content marketing and communication campaign, we will ask lots of questions.

  • Who exactly is the audience?
  • What is it that you want your audience to feel, believe or do?
  • How do we translate this into our message and into supporting content?
  • What is the role of different channels and media and how will we optimise each one to build the story?
  • How can we make the interaction between audiences and content feel more personal and useful?
  • What is the role of data and other proof points?
  • How can we push the boundaries of your content on mobile and on social media?
  • How do we link digital and face-to-face channels?
  • How can we empower and enable your sales teams?
  • What metrics will we use to track outcomes and to optimise the campaign on an ongoing basis?

Once these questions have been asked and answered, your story is ready to be taken on a journey on selected channels—supported by a suite of tailored assets, traditional and new, digital and physical—to engage your audience wherever they may be.

Good things come to those who create

There are 70m Slideshare users; a big audience. But with 400,000 new presentations every month, how do you stand out? How can you create content that people want to experience, and share? Our guide will help you tell—and sell—stories that are out of this world.

Ten things we are seeing in B2B visual content marketing.


Create a narrative, not an issue list. Connect to your audience’s emotions. Humanise the story—in particular where it’s about technology.


Think of it as one story per client.

Less multi-channel, more focus.

Invest in your content effort via creative execution and paid activation in fewer channels that work.

Video, motion, animation.


Get serious about employee advocacy.

Your people already have your buyers as connections. Activate the network through training, governance and support in content development and content sharing.

Stand-out or drown in the noise.

Business audiences will turn off due to bombardment with undifferentiated content. Be bold. Less quantity, more quality, more creativity.


What are the situations during which you need to reach your C-level decision maker audience?

Analogue is the new digital.

Why are people going to farmer’s markets? Build face-to-face into your campaign as a key channel.

Think flow.

Optimise the experience across channels but also across multiple audiences in an organisation.


Virtual events. Your best experts live.